About us

HOPI POPI a.s. came into existence in 1999, following the activities of Jana Gažarová's company that was originally founded in 1992 by the then English teacher Jana Gažarová (now Nováková) and Andrew Glueck (USA). These co-founders are the main top sale fake breitling aerospace evo for us stockholders, or more precisely owners, of the company HOPI POPI, a.s.

HOPI pulse mixtures came into existence in 1995, when the developing Czech market was just beginning to acknowledge products related to a healthy diet.

Drawing inspiration from old recipes and those times when people did not use artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives, the company has developed a range of 3 products intended to widen the range of healthy foods available in our market.

This aim also influences the choice of pulse mixtures HOPI that are currently being launched on the market as NATURAL BIO SOUPS HOPI. They are distributed by buy us online site ballon bleu de cartier replica HOPI POPI corp. via a network of healthy diet shops.